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Rules & Regulations Governing Tariffs

Please find below a list of all additional charges that might be relative to pick up and delivery of your freight. These costs are part of the complete rate quote that you receive. Please take the time to read them. If you have any question in regards to them please contact Neil Muth.

Rule No. 1 Detention of Vehicles

When due to no disability, fault, or negligence on the part of the carrier, the load and/or unloading of the freight is delayed beyond the free time allowance; the following charges will be assessed to the consignor or consignee in addition to all other lawful charges. $55.00 per hour or part thereof. Free time per vehicle stop is as follows:

                                                          FREE TIME             PALLETS             POUNDS

                                                          30 minutes            1-2                       0-4,000

                                                          45 minutes            3-5                       4,001-10,000

                                                          1 hour                    6-10                     10,001-20,000

                                                          1 1/4 hours           11-15                   20,001-30,000

                                                          1 1/2 hours           16+                       30,001+


Rule No. 2 After Hours Rates 

$55.00 per hour with a minimum $150 charge between 6pm-5am.

Rule No. 3 Surcharges for Delivery into Certain Supply Chain Warehouses

A $50.00 surcharge per Purchase Order will be applied to all deliveries into the following Supply chain warehouses:

  • Sobey's and its subsidiaries

  • Overwaitea

  • Loblaws and its subsidiaries

  • Walmart

  • Associated Grocers

  • Buylow Foods

Rule No. 4 Fuel Service Charge

Without prejudice, a Fuel Service Charge will be applied to each invoice. This charge is adjusted on a weekly basis. The formula for this adjustment is as follows:

  • 1% up or down, based on every 3.5 cents in weekly fuel price fluctuation.

Rule No. 5 Hydraulic Tailgate Service

Shipments requiring hydraulic tailgate service, either on pick-up or delivery, are subject to a flat rate of $35.00 or $1.75 per hundered weights, mazimum $95.00. This charge will be assessed in addition to all other lawful charges.

Your freight will be dropped as close to your door as our driver is able to back up to.

Rule No. 6 Swamping / Hand Bombing

Whenever an employee or driver for East West Express Inc. is involved with hand-bombing products delivered or picked up for a customer, a $55.00 per hour fee will be assessed on the invoice, or a minimum fee of $30.00.

This service is only to a customer's back door or an outside stairwell.

If outside Lumbers are required then all lumper charges will be invoiced back to you.

Rule No. 7 Appointment Charges

A charge of $10.00 per appointment will be chared to all orders requiring East West Express Inc. to make, on the customers behalf.

In the event that East West Express Inc. is charged an "appointment charge" for the delivery of goods to a customer's delivery destination, those charges will also be applied to the customers invoice.

Rule No. 8 Late Penalties

East West Express Inc. is not responsible for any late charges unless a prior agreement, in writing, has reached between the consignee and East West Express Inc.

Rule No. 9 Invoicing and Weights

East West Express Inc. invoices on exact Gross Weights - NEVER on net weights. 

All pallet rates are based on a mazimum weight of 2000 pounds per skid. When a skid exceeds this weight you will be charged an additional skid position using the following formula:

                                        total weight divided by 2000 = total amount of skids invoiced

Rule No. 10 Declared Value/Valuation Charges

East West Express Inc. Insurance provider only guarantees liability on all freight at $2.00 per pound, as required by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Transportation Act. If a customer requires additional liability coverage, they must declare the value of the freight on the Bill of Lading - which is the Legal document. If a customer declares the freight value on the Bill of Lading, THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE INVOICED FOR an addional insurable charge $1.00 per hundred pound of the declared value in excess of the $2.00 per pound will be assiessed and invoiced to the customer. 

For example:

  • 12,000  of declared value is on your invoice

    • The first $2.00 per ound is already in your rate

    • Your freight weights 1,925 pounds

      • 1,925 * $2.00/pound = $3​,850

      • $12,000-$3,850 = $8,150

      • $8,150 * $1.00/hundred = $81.50

  • You wll be invoiced an additional $81.50 for the extra declared value

Rule No. 11 Shippers Load and Count

East West Express Inc. will not be held responsible for any claims occurring due to shippers loand and counts. All Bill of Ladings must indicate that they are "Shippers Loand and Count."

Shippers loand and count includes the following:

  • Customer loaded the trailer without allowing the driver to count freight (ie: dropped trailer at receiving location)

  • Full-truck load laded by customer and delivered to receiver

  • Mixed boxes (sizes and product)

  • Mixed product (diverse temperatures of product on same skid)

  • Black shrink wrapped skids

Rule No. 12 Temperature of Freight

  • Bill of Ladings

    • A customer MUST include on their bill of ladings the temperature of their freight​

    • Multi-temperature freight CANNOT be on the same Bill of Lading. Diverse temperature requirements, require different Bill of Ladings

  • Consolidation of Multi-temperature freight

    • There is NO gurarantee of the consolidation of multi-temperature freight​

  • Multi-temperature freight on the same pallet

    • East West Express STRONGLY discourages the shipment of multi-temperature products on the same pallet​

    • When a customer chooses to put multi-temperature freight on the same skid, East West Express will ship it at the primary temperature indicated on the customer's bill of lading

    • When a customer has not provided a primary temperature on the Bill of Lading, East West Express will not be responsible for any claims or problems that may occur due to mixed temperature freight that is sent on the same pallet. Multi-temperature freight that is shipped on the same pallet is shipped at"Shippers Risk" ONLY.

Rule No. 13 Consealed Damages

East West Express does not accept any responsibility forconcealed freight damages within skids. East West Express will note and record visible damages.

Rule No. 14 Consolidation of Freight

East West Express does NOT consolidate freight.

East West Express does NOT guarantee the consolidation of different temperature freight

Rule No. 15 At Shippers Risk

The following items of general goods will be moved at "shipper's risk." This MUST be written on all Bill of Ladings and must be communicated when arranging for delivery with East West Express. Items will include such items as:

  • computer & electoronic equipment

  • household goods

  • glass

  • plants/flowers

  • frozen and fresh items mixed on the same skid

  • unwrapped skids

  • skids wrapped with a product that conceals contents

  • mixed boxes ofproducts on the same skid from the same supplier

  • ice cream/sorbet

Rule No. 16 Pallet Return Service


Rule No. 17 Cube Requirements

Unless otherwise stated in writing, all shipments having a density of less than fifteen lbs per cubic foot, for the purposes of rating, will be charged at a minimum density of fifteen lbs per cubic foot (2,000 lbs). For shipments where it is impractical to laoad freight on top, charges will be assessed based on linear footage of van space utilized at 1,000 lbs per linear foot.

Rule No. 18 Special Broker Requests

Because of the continual growth in special requests of our broker customers, the following conditions and/or fees will be added to invoices:

  • Piece Counts

    • Since the Bill of Lading is a legally bindin contract between the shipper and the carrier, the piece count recorded on the original Bill of Lading, when arriving at East West Express docks​, will be the FINAL and only PIECE count. This piece count will be fully accepted in all disputes/claims.

  • Additional Bill of Ladings

    • When a customer requests for us to make up a new/additional Bill of Ladings, for the purpose of dividing up and/or re-directing the product out, a fee of $10.00 per Bill of Lading will be charged to our customer.​

    • All additional Bills of Lading must be made in writing (fax or e-mail).

  • Break down and re-palleting of Original Product

    • Please note Rule No. 2​

  • Re-Directing of Shipment

    •  When a customer requests us to re-direct portions of their complete shipment to different delivery points, East West Express will not be responsible for errors due to miscommunication.​

Rule No. 19 LTL Shipments - Distribution Centre: Warehouse Deliveries

When at the request of the consignee at a distribution center or warehouse is to re-pile product stock, re-cut pallet stock level, re-block pallet stock or re-pile on consignee's pallets, the following charges will apply:

             Per case:                 $0.15

             Minimum Charge:  $10.00

             Maximum Charge: $200.00

Rule No. 20 LTL Determination

LTL is determined in one of the following ways:

  • 1 to 9,999 lbs

  • 1 to 5 skids (unless those skids exceed 9,999 lbs)

Rule No. 21 Cross Docking

There is a $10.00-15.00 charge per pallet

Rule No. 22 Holdover/Storage Charges

Undelievered freight and freight awaiting transportation, held in or on the carrier;s premises or truck by reason of an act or omission of the consignor, consignee or owner and through no fault of the carrier, will be considered stored and subject to the following provision:


Undelivered freight will be allowed twenty-four (24) hours free time beginning at 7:00 a.m. of the business day that the freight was received. Storage charges will end at 7:00 a.m. of the business day that the carrier receives instructions to deliver or transport the freight. Satudays, Sundays and Holidays will not be included in the computation of free time, but will be included in the assessment of the charges. Any fraction of aday will be counted as a day. Charges will be assessed as follows:

            Minimum Charge                           $50.00 per Day

            Per Hundred Weight                      $0.75 per Day

            Mazimum Charge                          $150.00 per Day

Rule No. 23 Copies or Pick-up of Documents

When proofs of deliveries are required, a charge of $7.00 for each document with a minimum charge of $21.00 per request will be assessed to the party requesting the service. Charges will not apply for verbal proof of delivery or where requests arise as a result of identifiable service failures. When requested by the customer, carrier will pick up documents subject to a charge of $21.00 per request, assessed to the party requesting the service.

Rule No. 24 C.O.D. Fees

Collect on Delivery charges will be 6% of the C.O.D. amount subject to a minimum charges of $20.00 and a mazimum charge of $150.00 oer shipment in addition to the REGULAR TRANSPORTATION CHARGE. This charge is to be collected and retained by the delivering carrier. A charge of $25.00 oer shioment will be made for increasing, reducing or cancelling the C.O.D. amount and must be guaranteed by the consignor in writint. In the event of an increase or reduction in the C.O.D. amount, the charge will apply in addition to the C.O.D. collection fee. In the event of cancellation of the C.O.D., no collection fee shall apply.

If you desire to pay by visa you must contact Accounts Receivable to make arrangements BEFORE delivery. An additional 3% will be added to the invoice to cover for credit card charges

Rule No. 25 Re-Delivery of Freight

When one (1) tender of delivery of a shipment has been made and a re-delivery is requested, and additional charge for any one (1) shipment, which is handled on any one (1) vehicle, shall be made for each subsequent tender or final delivery. The shipment shall also be subject to the accrued freight storage and all other lawful charges. Shipments in carrier's possession at initial point of origin and prior to departure from carrier's terminal may, upon request by consignor only upon surrendor of original Bill of Lading, be: Returned to the place of original pick-up; or delivered to the premise of another motor common carrier at initial point of origin; or, relinquished at carrier's terminal to consignor or at consignor's representative. Charges for such service are minimum $50.00 charge, $2.75 per hundred weight and maximum $200.00. All charges under this item must be paido r guaranteed by the party requesting the service.

Rule No. 26 Exhibition, Trade Sows, Food Shows

Pick-ups and/or deliveries to Exhibitions, Trade Shows or Food Shows are charged at $75.00 per hour, plus regular freight rate charges. Minimum two (2) hour charge.

Rule No. 27 Private Residential Deliviery

East West Express is unable to provide delivery to private residence at allits locations. All shipments to private homes or residence shall be subject to a surcharge of $80.00 per skid in addition to all other lawful charges. This surcharge includes power tailgate service or swamping to only the back of the truck and this surcharge must be pre-paid in advance of any freight being rempved from the vehicle.

Rule No. 28 Protective Service 

The carrier will not be obligated to supply protective service on shipments requiring protection against cold unless specific arrangements are made in advance of shipment and the request is endorsed on the Bill of Lading by the shippoer or consignor, indicating the temperature the product requires. When the Bill of Lading is not endorsed in accourdance with the above, the carrier will not be responsibile for damage or deterioration due to cold and heat. Charges for protective service will bea ssessed on the total weight of the shipment. On LTL shipments the cost will be assessed at 10% of the freight charges with a minimum charge of $7.50 for each delivery. To trailer load (20,000 lbs and over), the cost will be assessed at 5% of the freight charges

Rule No. 29 Re-Billing Charges

When a shipment has been invoiced according to the instructions on the  Bill of Lading and the consignee, consignor or the ownr of te product requests the shipment be changed from or to collect, prepaid or third party bill to. A written authorization from the party the shipment is to be re-billed to, agreeing to pay all freight charges and rebilling charges is to be supplied

Either 2% of the inoviced amount or a minimum charge of $20.00 will be assessed to your invoice as a "re-billing charge."

Rule No. 30 Temptale - Ryan Recorders

All recording devices must be signed for and noted for on an East West Express Bill of Lading, placement identification by and East West Express driver or represantatives which means that; Templates and Ryan recorders must be placed in an area where it can accurately record airflow temperatures. Recording devices will be surcharged $150.00 if the consignee requires immediate possession of the recording device at time of delivery.

Rule No. 31 Delivery of Samples

All sample boxes will be rated as normal freight and handled in the same manner.

Rule No. 32 Collect Shipments

No Shipment will e delivered collect unless the consigneee has an account with East Express

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